How to Conduct Pop-up A/B Testing

A/B pop-up testing allows you to compare two or more pop-up versions to find the most effective option for achieving your business goals, increasing website conversions, and improving user experience.

In this article, we will talk about how to conduct pop-up A/B testing and view your results.

How to Set Up an A/B Test

You can only conduct A/B testing within one project for an already existing pop-up. Create a pop-up first, and then set up an A/B test for it.

Choose a Pop-up

To start testing an already created pop-up, click Edit.

Enable the A/B Test Option

In the upper right corner of the pop-up builder, turn on the "A/B test" toggle.

Add Test Contents

Once you enable A/B testing, you will see three additional tabs: "Content A," "Content B," and "Display conditions."

"Content A" tab A tab with initial content settings selected before the A/B test option was enabled.
"Content B" tab A tab with similar content settings where you can create the second version of your pop-up for the test.

To choose a different pop-up design for the "Content B" tab, click Replace template.

You can only choose the templates that have already been used for this project’s pop-ups.

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Once you add pop-up test contents, click Save > Next to set your display conditions.

Select Display Conditions

You can set up display conditions for each pop-up version individually or for both.

Go to the “Display conditions” tab, and select a pop-up display condition from the drop-down list. To add several conditions, click +Add condition.

To choose different conditions for the two pop-up versions being tested, select the “Use different conditions for AB-testing” checkmark, and choose a condition for each.

Select Test Duration Conditions

Choose when you want to finish testing. There are three conditions available:

Until the date This option will continue your A/B testing until a specific date selected in the settings
Number of views This option will continue your A/B testing until you reach a specific total number of views in both pop-up versions.
By number of subscriptions This option will continue your A/B testing until you reach a specific number of leads who provided their contact info using your form.

For the "By the number of views" condition, you can also choose which pop-up to consider the winner: the one that collected more views or the one that collected more leads.

Once you finish with all the settings, click Save and publish. You will get one pop-up in the project, but users will be shown its two different versions in turns until the test duration condition is triggered.

How to View the Results

Once you start your A/B test in the project, you will see a counter next to your pop-up name, where the total number of views will be displayed.

Below, you will also see a percentage indicator of how many leads and views are generated by your pop-up.

You can also view statistics and monitor your pop-up’s performance over various periods of time in the "Statistics" tab. You will see your pop-up’s total number of views, interactions, and leads, as well as the A and B versions’ performance metrics compared in percentages.

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When the test duration condition is triggered, or you complete the test yourself, the winner will be selected from the two pop-up versions according to your selected criterion. It will be marked with the flag icon, meaning that this pop-up’s content and display conditions are more effective.

How to Stop an A/B Test

You can stop a test even before the selected condition is triggered. To do this, click the three dots icon > Stop testing.

Next, you can delete your test. To do this, click the three dots icon > Delete.

Once you remove your test, you will get two separate pop-ups in your project. Then, you can set up A/B testing for each pop-up separately if you want to identify the most effective one.

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