SendPulse is a one-stop marketing and sales automation platform. With SendPulse, you can create landing pages, build a subscriber base, send email, web push, and SMS campaigns, create Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram chatbots to close more sales, and manage your sales using CRM.

  • 03.01.2023

    Image editor

    We've added an image editor to our template builder. Use it to edit images while working on your campaign template.

  • 28.02.2022

    Sending of campaigns in parts

    Send your campaign in equal parts when you need to warm up a new domain, IP address, or improve and maintain your sender reputation.

  • 22.02.2022

    Dynamic mailing lists

    You can add new addresses to your mailing list when you schedule an email campaign until it is actually sent. Thanks to this option, both old and recently added subscribers will get your scheduled email.

  • 13.12.2021

    Address processing statuses

    When working with email addresses, you can now check their processing status — whether they are in the downloading, copying, or transferring stage.

  • 23.11.2021

    Fewer blocks in the transaction email service

    If a sender gets excessive complaints, their email campaign won't be blocked automatically but will be sent slower.

  • 23.08.2021

    Editing of scheduled email campaigns

    To change anything in your scheduled email campaign, you had to delete it and create a new one. Now, you can edit such an email whenever you need.

  • 21.07.2021

    HTML code for subscription forms

    Customize the style of your subscription form. Add its display conditions, field character limits, and more.

  • 10.05.2021

    Counting unique contacts

    The list of unique subscribers allows you to track the number of recipients of your email within a month from the moment your pricing plan has been activated.

  • 02.04.2021

    Tag system

    Depending on your contact tags, you can create and send relevant emails with different content to your subscribers.

  • 01.03.2021

    Transferring money to your Viber balance

    Now you can transfer money from your main balance to your balance in our Viber service.

  • 05.05.2020

    Multi-factor authentication

    Multi-factor authentication secures access to your account. Authorization can be set up via SMS or with the help the Google Authenticator app.

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