Website Settings

How to customize a website, choose a domain, and add a description

  • How to Customize Your Site

    Last Updated: 20.12.2023

    You can customize your site, connect your domain, and add information for better content recognition and indexing by search engines. You can also connect push notifications and analytics systems to track your traffic.

  • How to Add a Custom Domain to Your Site

    Last Updated: 20.12.2023

    SendPulse allows you to change the address where your users find your site. To do this, select or edit subdomains from SendPulse, or add your own domain registered on third-party services. Connecting your domain to a company name personalizes your page and helps users find it faster.

  • How to Connect an SSL Certificate to a Domain

    Last Updated: 20.12.2023

    An SSL certificate provides an encrypted connection between the user and the site.

  • How to Add Custom Code to Your Site

    Last Updated: 20.12.2023

    You can install additional code from a third-party service in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on your website page. Use this tool to connect analytics scripts, add widgets, animations, and more.

  • How to Manage Site Pages

    Last Updated: 20.12.2023

    With SendPulse, you can customize your site pages: add new ones, edit their appearance in the website builder, change the name and URL, adjust SEO, view statistics, and other settings.

  • How to Create a QR Code for Your Website Link

    Last Updated: 20.12.2023

    QR code is a generated barcode that consists of black and white blocks and allows you to encode characters. You can recognize information stored in the code using a smartphone or tablet — just point the camera at the code and a screen will appear asking you to open the information in the app.

  • How to Add Website Metadata

    Last Updated: 20.12.2023

    You can configure additional information for each site page and improve your site's indexing and search results.

  • How to Add a Custom Font to a Website

    Last Updated: 20.12.2023

    Custom fonts can help you create a unique design for your website and bring out your brand style and personality.

  • How to Transfer a Website and Its Data to Another Account

    Last Updated: 20.12.2023

    Agencies can move SendPulse-powered websites or bio link pages to other accounts, which is useful for those involved in custom website development.

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