A Bit About Me

I'm a third year undergraduate student at Boston College engaged in the studies of Communication and Computer Science. I'm focused and interested in the fields of product management, software engineering, mobile application development, and user interface design. Originally from Cranston, Rhode Island - I've developed a strong interest in all things tech, design, and engineering.

From a very young age, my passions for engineering and technology stemmed from the consumption of electronics and the desire to help improve the daily lives of those around us in our communities. While participating in a pre-engineering vocational program in high school, I started a software development effort, Feliz Studios, dedicated to bringing a positive change to our society and ultimately improving peoples' lives through software.

Some Things I've Learned

Adobe XD


App Dev.







After Effects

Affinity Designer




Final Cut Pro


EagleVision Streamlines Course Registration

Read the story behind EagleVision, as covered by Caroline Blessing. The mobile application is being used by thousands of students at Boston College.

Professor Gallaugher's Engineering Initiative

Click to read an article about Professor Gallaugher's recent engineering initiatives at Boston College, where I'm featured as one of the few on campus tinkering with hardware/electronics.

Professor Gallaugher's App Dev Showcase

Click to read about the app showcase I participated in, as a result of being in Professor Gallaugher's Swift iOS Development course.

Boston College Hackathon 2018

Winning Boston College's second annual hackathon with teammates, Brandon LaRouche and Joseph Squillaro.

BC Computer Science Team Participates in PerkinsHacks

Click to read about my very first hackathon win, as featured on the Boston College CS Department website.

Shoutout From PerkinsHacks 2018

Click to read about my very first hackathon win in the following tweet by Rebecca Fater.

Vinli: Youngest Developer

Read an article featuring myself as the youngest developer on the Vinli Platform.

CACTC Senior Develops App

Read an article published by the Cranston Herald newspaper, to learn more about the process of developing DrivePad.

Reviews & Testimonials

Must need app

This app was very helpful for when I had to quickly find a new class to take after a class I was registered in got cancelled.


EagleVision Mobile


Vast improvement to peps. Awesome intuitive software.


EagleVision Mobile

Must Have App

This is an essential app for BC students! So helpful in picking classes and finding when classes have open seats. Also, the user interface is clean AF!


EagleVision Mobile

Efficient & User-Friendly

This app makes looking up courses so much easier than it was before! All course information (Times, course index, etc.) show up on the same page and you can save courses to your wishlist to look back at them quickly. Also I like that you can search a course without having to select what school it’s in; it makes everything so much more fast. Thanks Estevan and the other developers for your contribution to the BC community!


EagleVision Mobile


Well organized, quick, and informative. Helped me get a few competitive classes. Glad I used it!


EagleVision Mobile

Must Have for Course Selection

To put it simply: this is THE GREATEST app out there for browsing and selecting course. The UI is very appealing and fresh, making it intuitive to navigate the application without needing instructions. Also, it provides the course index number, which makes things go smoother when it is time to register. Overall, a must have from a very talented team of developers.


EagleVision Mobile

Great app!

An absolute must have for course selection. It simply gets the job done.


EagleVision Mobile

Great app for Falcons

If you go to Cranston West, then I'd recommend this app to keep up with news and events. Every article written by the school's media club is posted here and the videos they produce are uploaded as well. It's a great way to learn more about what's happening around the school and a great way to help support fellow Falcons creating content.


CHSWMedia Mobile

Great driving app for teen!

This has been a great app to keep track of driving hours for my teen. Also kept track of day versus night driving. Customer service answered questions very quickly. Would highly recommend app!



Great for tracking driving hours

This app is great for anyone who just received their learner's permit and is practicing driving. Before you drive, you simply open the app and start the timer. Something that's very useful is that the timer will continue even if the app is minimized or your phone is locked. Then, once you finish driving, you stop the timer and enter additional info. There's also an option to manually enter in time as well. It even records where you went and how far you traveled. It is easy and convenient to set up, the UI is straight forward, and the small customization options make it nice to look at and fun to use. I'd highly recommend this app to teens in need of tracking their driving hours in order to obtain their license.



Great Redesign

The new redesign looks great and is easy to use. There was a bug in the app calculation function and the developer was quick to fix it and great to work with. Highly recommended this if u have a driver learning to drive and u need to keep track of there time behind the wheel.

Paul Darnell


Very Competent App

Over time, Feliz has continued to update their app based on our feedback, and responded with needed improvements. As a basic driving log app, it's great and served us well in training our son for his driver's license. We've logged almost sixty hours with the app, and the export of the driving sessions has been easy. It's detailed enough to satisfy the state requirement and the driving school. A very competent app. I recommend it!

Tycho Aussie



It's good at tracking driving time instead of having to write it down or remember when you took your teen out to practice. And developer provided great customer service.