My Projects

Down below you'll find all the projects I've worked on, grouped by category and sorted by most recent.

Hardware Builds

Calling back to my earlier roots, this section covers the hardware-focused projects I've worked on. This includes: microcontrollers, motors, sensors, and all that fun.


An award-winning accessibility project which used an arduino-based sensor array and an iPhone application to help direct visually-impaired students to open seats in college dining halls.


Mobile Apps

Highlighting mobile experiences developed for multiple platforms with a variety of different tools.


A HackTheHeights 2018 award-winning application designed to bring everyone together in a centralized platform for the BC community.


CHSWMedia Mobile

An application designed to allow CHSW students, parents, faculty, and alumni to view all of the content produced by the CHSW Media production team.


DrivePad Teen Driving Log

An application designed for teenagers to easily keep track of practice driving hours towards their license.


UI Designs

Taking a step back from the coding world, this section showcases my attempts at graphic design, including: app concepts, publishing work, etc.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Take a quick peek at my journey through an intro to Graphic Design course at Boston College.


Sleek Running App

Take a look at my take on a sleek & modern running app, designed by request for a client.


Entrepreneur Magazine

Designed and published a magazine focused on covering Student Entrepreneurs at Boston College.


Campaign Promo Materials

Designed materials for a student government campaign.


CTP App Mockup

A custom designed & proposed concept for a summer program at Boston College.


VolunTrack UI Mockup

A custom designed concept for a community service tracker app I hope to build in the future.


Web Development

Taking on a different realm of development whether it be websites, full-stack projects, or merely just backend efforts.

Portfolio Site V1

Read the story behind the development of my first portfolio website.



A full-stack proximity-based realtime chat app developed at TripAdvisor Hackathon 2018.


Litigation Hold Dashboard

Read about my second major project I got to work on while at TripAdvisor in 2018. This was a fun one!


New Hire Web Form

Read about my very first project while interning at TripAdvisor in 2018.


DrivePad Website

Read about the development & redesign of my first app's website built natively!