Bulk messages and communication with customers

Use the WhatsApp Business API to send personalized campaigns from your brand and engage your audience.

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24/7 WhatsApp customer support

Customers often ask similar questions on prices, product availability and characteristics, working hours, and delivery options. Your WhatsApp chatbot can answer all these questions while your managers are taking care of more urgent matters.
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Marketing campaigns and transactional messages

Send messages about new products, blog articles, promo codes, surveys, and contests. Don't forget to also set up trigger messages to provide order status or delivery updates on time and ask customers for feedback.
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Free messages within a 24-hour window

Stay within your messaging budget by sticking to the 24-hour rule when communicating with customers. You can respond to active subscribers for free if they have messaged you in the last 24 hours.
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Receive requests from users

Users can send you their personal data, for example, when they need to make a restaurant reservation, book an appointment at a clinic, or sign up for a course or webinar. Your WhatsApp chatbot will be able to receive and save all this information and even use it for further personalized campaigns.

SendPulse is your official WhatsApp Business API Provider

Connect your phone number to the WhatsApp Business API and manage your communication with customers on any device by distributing chats between your managers

No setup fees

Connect your WhatsApp channel without having to pay for any additional services with any of SendPulse’s paid chatbot pricing plans. Read more about WhatsApp channel activation requirements on our pricing page.

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Send pre-designed template messages

Initiate the conversation with the help of templates. Each template is moderated by WhatsApp and can include exclusively non-promotional content. When your template is approved, you can send it right away.

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Chatbot automation

Be in touch with your clients around the clock. With a WhatsApp chatbot, you can quickly respond to customers’ FAQs and receive feedback, which can help increase brand loyalty.

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No additional monthly fees

Pay for messages only when you need to start a conversation, and chat with subscribers for free within an open 24-hour window. With SendPulse, you do not need to pay any additional fees.

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Quick setup and 24/7 support

Connect your WhatsApp channel in just 5 minutes by following the prompt in your account. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer support — we are here for you 24/7!

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All your marketing channels on one platform

Keep in touch with your customers not only on WhatsApp but also on Facebook, Telegram, and Instagram. You can set up multiple chatbots, send email, SMS, and web push campaigns, and take your omnichannel marketing to the next level with SendPulse.

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WhatsApp API is a better way to reach your customers — perfect for mid-size or large businesses

What makes the WhatsApp Business API better than the standard WhatsApp app and WhatsApp Business


The standard app is more frequently used for personal messages, and its functionality is not enough for businesses.

WhatsApp Business

It has the features of the standard application and the additional functionality for small businesses.

WhatsApp Business API

This option is useful for companies that want to automate their bulk WhatsApp campaigns and invite multiple employees to communicate with their customers.
Multiple device support
The SendPulse Chatbots app
Company profile
Bulk campaigns
Up to 15 000 messages per month
Automation and chatbots
Various integrations
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How to create a WhatsApp chatbot

You can simply and intuitively add a WhatsApp channel and set up a chatbot in just 5 minutes.

To do this, you need to create business accounts on Facebook and WhatsApp and connect your phone number to the WhatsApp Business API.

Read more on how to create a WhatsApp chatbot →

Integrations with other platforms

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SendPulse API

Connect to WhatsApp to send and manage your chatbot messages using our API.

SendPulse API →

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Integromat integration

Work with more links in the services and use data from the chatbot in Google Sheets with the help of integrations.

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You can create your WhatsApp Business API account with any of SendPulse's paid plans for the 7-day free trial. Sign up or a SendPulse account if you don't have one, and choose a paid plan. Afterward, create your Business account on Facebook and WhatsApp, and register your number to WhatsApp Business API. Read more to find out how to sign up for the WhatsApp Business API for free in just a few minutes.

If you already used a phone number to sign up for the WhatsApp Business API either directly or with an official WhatsApp BSP, you will not be able to use it again to switch to another provider. Read more to switch to SendPulse from other WhatsApp providers.

WhatsApp's policy limits the number of recipients you can send messages to, imposing three tiers of messaging limits on businesses. Tier 1 enables you to send messages to 500 unique users in a rolling 24-hour period. Read more to find out how WhatsApp messaging limits work.

Use our drag and drop editor to create an automated flow for your WhatsApp chatbot. You can also develop your chatbot scenario and set up auto-replies and keywords. Read more to find out how to create an automated flow for your WhatsApp chatbot.

Select your chatbot and recipients, fill in the content of your message, and choose when to send your campaign. You can monitor how many messages were delivered and how many subscribers interacted with your chatbot. Here you can find step-by-step instructions on how to create a bulk messaging campaign in WhatsApp.

Template messages allow you to distribute the same content to all of your subscribers. However, you can only use these templates for transactional and trigger messages without advertising content. Go to the "Templates" tab in the "Chatbots" section, and click the Add Template button to create a new template. Remember that each template is moderated by WhatsApp. You can start sending campaigns using the template after its status changes from “Sent” to “Confirmed.”

Connect to WhatsApp and be there for your customers